Christmas Talent Show

We are back for week 7 of the STUBC!!! These past 7 weeks have been so fun and wish it didn’t have to end soon. I really have enjoyed it and all the fun things we have got to write and share about.

For this weeks challenge it is all about celebrations and festivities. I do celebrate Christmas and Thanksgiving but, I thought it would be more fun to write about something I do with my family every year.

Every year on Christmas morning, my family and I have a Christmas Talent Show. This year it will be the 7th annual Christmas Talent Show. All of our family has to do it and it is always a blast. This year I am doing a dance with my sister to the song Friend Like Me from the movie Aladdin. I love the dance we are doing and I think it will be great. Last year my dog was even apart of it…. He did tricks!!!

Christmas is also just a really big holiday that we celebrate in my house and every year it is always amazing. My mom always says that she is not waking up any earlier then 7 a.m. so we all set alarms for 6:59 and then run downstairs and wake them up. My mom also always bakes coffee cake for my family and it is delicious. There is only 35 days until Christmas!!! That is soooo long if I think about it. Ahhhh I really do not think I can last that long!!!


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